Joining Real JourneymanTM

Any U.S. based skilled trades Local is eligible to apply to use the Real JourneymanTM brand to identify their skilled trades workers and apprentices providing that they meet the following conditions:

  1. A required apprenticeship of either four or five years with no less than eight-thousand (8,000) hours of on-the-job training.
  2. A requirement to complete a two-year associate's degree from a state-accredited institution of higher learning specializing in the specific trade for which the applicant is apprenticing.
  3. A required commitment for each apprentice to volunteer a specified minimum hours per year of skilled labor to their community and/or local not-for-profit agencies.
  4. A no-strike, no-lockout contract between the Real JourneymanTM skilled tradesmen and their contractors.
  5. A willingness by the local to invest a specified amount of money each year into promoting newly-graduated apprentices as well as the local's and its members philanthropic service to the community.

Any eligible skilled trades local applying to use the Real JourneymanTM brand will be afforded full-consideration to the board of directors of Real JourneymanTM, Inc.